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We are always looking for the right candidates to expand our team. Whether you are just starting out as a Home Inspector, or have been in the industry for years, Licensed Home Inspector Inc. wants to help you grow. Our company has seen success due to the unique services we offer and our exceptional customer service. Our small but growing team is here to give you exceptional support throughout your Franchisee journey.

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Home Inspection

Mould Inspection

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Air Quality Testing

Mould Removal (Attics)

Mould Remediation

Mould Detection Dog Services

Chemical Free Odour Removal

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On the Job Training

Marketing Material

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Use of Name "Licensed Home Inspector Inc" and Logos

Inspection Client Contract

Web Page with Online Booking

Vacation Coverage

Unique Services to Licensed Home Inspector Inc.

Mould Stain Removal

Mould Removal (Attics, Home & Business)

This service is a great independent add-on to your business. On average, 30 to 50% of the attics I inspect have mould in them. Moisture and Mould in the home or business is very common as well. For many clients the presence of mould can be a deal breaker. We will show you all the tools you need, the products and equipment we use, and how to quote these jobs. Revenue for this business can surpass your home inspection business.

Infrared Thermal Imaging and Moisture Detection

The biggest complaint in the home inspection industry is "There is water in my basement and the home inspector didn't find it!" Most inspection companies charge extra for the use of an infrared camera and moisture detection tools. This service is included with all of your inspections. During your on the job training I will show you how to locate these issues.

Infrared Thermal Imaging
Mould Detection Dog

Mould Detection Dog Services

When starting a business the biggest question you can ask yourself is "What makes me different from my competition?" Well, we found it......his name is Oliver. Over the years I found that one of the biggest concerns my clients have is whether or not there is mould in their new home. So, we bought a dog that can find it! At a cost of over $10,000USD we added this service to our company.

All of our inspectors will have access to this service, if you have a client that requires the dog, we will send Oliver and our handler to the inspection. You, as a franchise owner, can provide this service without incurring the expense of owning a mould detection dog.


Running your own business is hands down hard work. I have done it for years now and when I go on holidays I always worried about my business. It can make it hard to relax to be honest. As a independent one man operation there is nobody to cover your bookings and service your clients.

With our Franchise platform neighbouring franchisees can service your clients, they are trained to do it! We will change your on-line booking schedule to the franchise team member of your choice. They cover you, you cover them, it's that simple. We will handle everything from our end. Enjoy your vacations!


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